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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be referred?

Your GP will refer you as this means we are able to obtain a history of your condition and any previous treatment or tests you may have had. For ear/hearing issues we do accept referrals from your audiologist/hearing clinic.

How soon can I be seen?

We will offer you the first available appointment and as this can vary depending on the nature of your condition, it is best to let the secretary know this so she can arrange a suitable appointment for you.

What will happen at my consultation?

Mr Bird will have read your GP’s referral letter and the results of any tests, such as lab results, X-rays or hearing tests, and he will go over these with you. If there was no GP referral your surgeon will discuss your medical history and current condition with you.

He will then examine you and make a diagnosis.


Following this he will suggest a plan of management which may involve medical, referral for further investigations or opinions or surgical treatment including the procedure itself, expected outcomes, any risks associated and costs.


Every aspect of your consultation will be fully discussed with you along with any questions or concerns you may have.

What does it cost?

Again, this varies, depending on the nature of your condition. An initial consultation will be between $180 and $350 with follow-up consultations $90 to $180. Surgeon fees for private surgery vary between $850 and approximately $7,500 and we will provide you with a quote for the surgeon's services for your insurance company in order for you to obtain prior approval for your surgery.


We will also provide all the information you need to obtain an estimate from the hospital (St George’s Hospital or Forté Health), and from the anaesthetist (Anaesthesia Associates).

Can I have my surgery in public hospital even though I see the surgeon privately?

Yes, if you require surgery, all the surgical options will be discussed in detail with you at the time of your consultation including surgery in private hospital or having your name placed on the public hospital waiting list.

Do I need to have health insurance?

No. If you do not have health insurance, discuss this with your surgeon so you can be given all the information you need to make an informed choice as to whether you opt for surgery in private public hospital.


Mr Bird is a Southern Cross Healthcare Affiliated Provider.