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Philip Bird - Private Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery Christchurch

Mr Philip Bird is a highly experienced otolaryngologist trained in all aspects of ear, nose and throat surgery in both children and adults.

He has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of ear surgery including middle ear reconstruction, stapedectomy, cochlear implantation, lateral skull base surgery and paediatric ear conditions.

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Phil Bird - Christchurch Ear surgeon



- Hearing Loss – Sensorineural / Conductive

- Otosclerosis and Exostosis

- Glue ear - Otitis Media with Effusion

- Recurrent Middle Ear Infection - Otitis Media

- Perforated Eardrum and Cholesteatoma

- Vertigo / Imbalance / BPPV / Meniere’s Disease

- Vestibular Schwannoma / Acoustic Neuroma


Other Conditions

Other Conditions

- Nasal Septal Deviation

- Nasal Fracture

- Nasal Obstruction

- Adenoids

- Obstructive Sleep Disorder

- Tonsillitis